Erickson & Associates
​Consulting, LLC


Program Analysis

Erickson & Associates Consulting can assist your organization with an external review of program operations.

  • Does the organization’s programming match the mission and established strategic plan and operational plan?
  • Have longstanding programs been evaluated for effectiveness in attaining the organization’s goals and objectives?
  • Have changing membership demographics been considered in assessing program resources? 


Erickson & Associates Consulting uses
surveys, interviews and observation to conduct a
comprehensive organizational, board or program review.

Organizational Structure Analysis

We identify key processes and systems that need updating or streamlining to match the organization’s framework to its mission.

  • How frequently are Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and policy documents updated?
  • What process examines membership levels and benefits on a regular basis?​

Governance Structure Analysis

A thorough exploration of existing structures can help identify efficiencies for a more effective governing body and resulting member engagement.

Board composition, size and positions, committees, and task forces

  • Is the Board size too small or too big?
  • Is there a position description for each Board position?
  • How do committees function?
  • Is there a place for Task Forces or Ad Hoc groups?
  • How effective is the current regional structure?

Board recruitment, composition, terms, succession

  • Is there a systematic process and program for Board recruitment?
  • Is Board recruitment ongoing?
  • Is there a clear succession plan in place?

Board training and development, including materials, frequency, trainers

  • What training is required for new and continuing Board members?
  • Who creates the materials and provides the training?
  • How are board meetings evaluated for their effectiveness?