We'll work
​with you to:

  • ANALYZE - 
    ​Examination of Efficiencies

  • PLAN  -  
    Strategic Thinking and Planning

  • IMPLEMENT  - Actualization of Analysis
  • EVALUATE  - Consistent, Ongoing Assessment

Analysis points you in the right direction.

Continually Assess and Train

  • To collaborate on board training and creating systematic governance evaluation.
  • To partner with Executive staff in operational assessments and benchmarking studies.

Erickson & Associates Consulting can help you ...

Analyze Your Organization to

Maximize Effectiveness

  • To examine organizational structure, governance framework, membership levels and benefits.
  • To explore program effectiveness, efficiencies, and related financial and human resources.

Think, Plan and Implement Strategically

  • To identify and enhance knowledge of board and staff roles.
  • To lift board thinking from operations to strategy.
  • To define and match volunteer skills and passion to organization's goals and objectives.​

Ongoing assessment helps you navigate changing tides.

Boards need the long view in their thinking.

Erickson & Associates
​Consulting, LLC