Erickson & Associates
​Consulting, LLC



Erickson & Associates Consulting monitors key performance indicators

at specific intervals, recommending strategy adjustments as needed.

Evaluating a specific project of the volunteers leaders, board or staff is the crucial step often overlooked.  We can help ensure that the loop is completed by overseeing ongoing assessment of board evaluations, programs, and the systems set up to make follow-up as fail-safe as possible.

  • With a system for ongoing leader recruitment as part of written board responsibilities and assigned to a specific cohort of the board, it’s more likely that the critical nature of this activity will become part of the board mindset.
  • A board training and development plan instituted to provide for all learning styles and offered in a variety of media and formats can enhance the prospect of a more knowledgeable leadership.
  • If strategic thinking is the operating system for all volunteers, members, and staff, then​ the mission and vision of the organization becomes integral to all actions regardless of which leader sits on a committee or in a board chair.