Erickson & Associates
​Consulting, LLC


Strategic Thinking

Erickson & Associates Consulting collaborates with boards, volunteer leaders, members and staff to inculcate strategic thinking organization-wide.

  • Can board and staff identify the difference between operational and strategic thinking?
  • Does understanding the difference in board, volunteer and staff roles assist the association in attaining its goals?
  • How can the organization realize its mission and vision without a strategic viewpoint?

Strategic Planning

We can provide an external viewpoint on how an association uses strategic planning to help solidify and broaden past efforts for future success.

  • How can the board bring their career strategic planning experience to the board table?
  • How does strategic thinking translate into effective leadership throughout the organization?
  • Is there a historical record of past strategic planning efforts?
  • Does the membership know if there’s a strategic plan or not?
  • How do you determine the best process for strategic planning?
  • What’s the importance of staff and member inclusion in the planning process?


Using a current strategic plan or collaborating to create one,
we help board and staff understand the key role of strategic thinking
to maximize financial and human resources.